The time has come to end our working relationship with you both. (or shortly)

Firstly we would like to say that you have both done a fantastic, wonderful, exquisite and gorgeous house that we will call home.

All the passers by have commented as I myself witnessed the other day but also Tom has told me on several occasions that they say “this is a beautiful house” and it is all thanks to your experience and know how.

We want to thank you for all your help and patience in regards to my questions especially as I had so many only because I did not know anything during the whole process.

We have truly been so very lucky to have been introduced to you both and have you part of our lives.

You have advised us every step of the way in a unbiased manner that made this process an easy one.

You have bought our dream home to life and we will always be in debited to you both.

You have both been professional, honest, fair, prompt and great to talk to but most of all for being gentlemen.

You are both welcome anytime to come to our home.

Congratulations on embarking on the decision to build. The biggest challenge following this decision is choosing the right builder. This choice is arguably the most important as it will affect all aspects of your project.

We recently built our dream home using TES Homes. Anyone who has built or even renovated will know what a headache it can be, but working with Taner and Ari made the whole process a lot easier. They were there for us through the whole process step by step and helped us with every little detail.

We have the utmost respect for both Taner and Ari. They put up with our craziness and were very patient with us. They made us feel very comfortable and spent the time discussing the various options available on every aspect of the project. They have an indepth knowledge in building homes and we were able to utilise their many years of expertise in our project. One key issue we were wary of (from talking with other people who built homes) was the blow-out in costs. Taner was always very clear on costs which meant that we had no nasty surprises.

We are so happy with our dream home and are very thankful we built it with TES Homes.

We would be happy to discuss our project with you and answer any questions you may have. Taner has our contact details.

It has been a few months now since we moved into our new home and we are really enjoying the extra space and satisfaction of completing such a big project.

From the beginning, we knew you were the right people to take over our home build that had been started by another builder. Not only did you and your tradesman complete our house, but you went the extra mile on many occasions to correct numerous design flaws and building defects that were found as a result of the original builder.

Taking over from another builder cannot be easy for a quality builder, but once we established a relationship we felt a weight lifted off our shoulders. We only wish we had known of Tes Homes from the start.

We have had many strangers approach us over the last few months to comment on the quality of the finished product that we now call home.
It is difficult to find trustworthy tradesmen, but the combination of your experience and honesty really put us at ease throughout the build. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tes Homes to your prospective clients and would be more than happy to talk to them in person if the need ever arises.

Once again we thank you for your professionalism and great level of communication in making our dreams come true!

It is our pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Tes Homes Pty Ltd

Taner and Ari of Tes Homes recently completed our home and we couldn’t be more satisfied with it. They came highly recommended by our architects, as a company that took pride of ownership of their work and demonstrated close attention to detail that was required for a project like ours.

Taner and Ari showed a caring approach during the whole building process and were accommodating from our initial contract discussions all the way to the final walk through. They were open to our ideas and input and we felt involved in the entire process of the build. We had the opportunity to liaise with their subcontractors through the whole process. Even though there were several complications during the course of the construction project, both Taner and Ari worked tirelessly to rectify these problems with professionalism. Their attention to specifics of the construction were remarkable and this is evident in the quality of the finishes in the home.

Our home is what we hope for and much more. We would not hesitate to refer Tes Homes to others in need of a quality build. The words ‘thank you’ are inadequate to express our gratitude and appreciation for our beautiful home.

Everybody has heard of the many difficult challenges, problems and unexpected expense involved in building or renovating a home. My wife and I were therefore very careful about choosing which builder was going to build our home. Choosing the right builder is obviously critical in achieving a successful project. We did our research and came across Tes Homes and right from the beginning, we both knew that Taner and Ari were going to do a great job in delivering us a quality home.

Taner and Ari were very easy and comfortable to discuss any ideas, issues, problems and solutions with throughout the project. The communication from the Tes Homes team was excellent and we were always clear about all aspects about the process from beginning to end.

The most impressive aspect of how Tes Homes handled our project was that neither Taner or Ari compromise on Quality whether it be workmanship or building materials or fixtures or fittings.

Tes homes had the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to offer options and to solve unexpected problems when they arose and to ensure the finished product was of the highest Quality that met our expectations.

We are very happy in our new home and we are very glad that Tes homes was around to build it for us. We would strongly recommend Tes Homes for anyone wanting to build a Quality home with highly Professional Builders.

We would like to express our upmost gratitude with the level of quality, service and professionalism you provided while building our dream home at Roselands.

We really appreciated your flexibility when we often changed important design decisions at the very last minute – the team was always willing to listen and address our changes within quick timeframes.

We are extremely impressed with your ability to ensure that our vision was brought to life and we are really enjoying our new home with our recent addition to the family.

We are often complimented on our house by numerous friends and family in which we tell them how great our builders were. We really appreciate the team’s hard work and dedication to making our dream home a reality.

I decided to do a knockdown rebuild and was confused about who to go with & who to trust. So I interview 7 different builders.
Out of the 7, I met Taner and his father Ari from Tes Homes.

My first impression was that they were open and honest, they listened to what I wanted and shared insights to provide me with the right advice.

I had all 7 builders provide me a quote, and Tes Homes was the only Builder that had provided me with a quote that had captured everything that I wanted.

This showed me that they truly listened and understand what I wanted and they cared about getting it right.

Other builders would give me a rough quote and when I ask questions I would find that there is additional costs not quoted.

During the build Taner kept me informed with everything that was happening, he would always call me to confirm and double check, especially when it came to specific features.

He would come out and meet me at the site when it suited me and would always be happy to explain and clarify.

The trades they use are very experienced and that have been working with them for years. Taner would always ensure that I was happy before proceeding.

I was very fortunate to have such a great builder who took the time to understand what I wanted and he always delivered on his promises.

He made it so easy for me and he would always find a solution to make it work.


Thank you so much for a great home and an awesome experience!

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks and gratitude to you and all your wonderful tradespeople in the building of our beautiful home at 7 Sutton Avenue Earlwood.

From the very outset of the project we were most impressed with the professional manner in which you both have always conducted yourselves and the respect that have always shown us. We were well aware of your outstanding reputation in the building industry but your brilliant work and wonderful attitude made the building of our home a very enjoyable experience for us.

You exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the building process.Your knowledge and experience was always such a comfort as we knew when you recommended something or someone it would be the absolute best way or service.There were never any corners cut or quick fixes in your work. Despite My husband Tony’s constant efforts to try and hurry everything along, you never complained and you simply got on with the job.Building a quality house requires the best tradespeople and that is who you used. We were impressed with all your tradespeople and their high level of workmanship is evident everywhere in our home.

I am sure that Tony and I drove you crazy with the many changes we wanted along the way but you always accommodated us and maintained your friendly and good humoured approach. Everything in our home was created under Ari’s watchful eye.Ari you were always there checking everyone’s work and overseeing every last detail. Nothing escaped un noticed when work was being done and you ensured you got the best out of everyone and for that we are so grateful.

I have told our loved ones that it was like having family build our home.That is the best way I can express the level of trust and respect I have for you both. I believe that. Building is more than just a job for you both and that you put your utmost into every hour of every day you worked here. There was nothing you couldn’t do-even when the carpenters found not one but two snakes in our roof and bathroom Ari you found someone who handles snakes to remove our slippery friend and find him a good home.Now find me a builder with those sort of contacts and who would go that extent to create a great outcome. And that is only one of many examples I could give to the level of detail you both gave to every aspect of the building of our home. You and your families should be very proud of this wonderful family business.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I have raved about Tes Homes to everyone I know and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know(not that you need any more work I am sure). When people ask was building a new house stressful I always say no it has been exciting and fun for us but probably a headache for you both especially responding patiently to Tony’s endless questions and emails. Sorry about that.

Once we have sorted out our garden work you must come over for that cup of coffee and see the way we are living in and enjoying the wonderful home you built for us and our son Lucas.

Again thank you and please feel free to forward this endorsement to anyone you like and please thank all your amazing trades. We wish you and your families all the very best and Look forward to catching up soon.