We would like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks and gratitude to you and all your wonderful tradespeople in the building of our beautiful home at 7 Sutton Avenue Earlwood.

From the very outset of the project we were most impressed with the professional manner in which you both have always conducted yourselves and the respect that have always shown us. We were well aware of your outstanding reputation in the building industry but your brilliant work and wonderful attitude made the building of our home a very enjoyable experience for us.

You exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the building process.Your knowledge and experience was always such a comfort as we knew when you recommended something or someone it would be the absolute best way or service.There were never any corners cut or quick fixes in your work. Despite My husband Tony’s constant efforts to try and hurry everything along, you never complained and you simply got on with the job.Building a quality house requires the best tradespeople and that is who you used. We were impressed with all your tradespeople and their high level of workmanship is evident everywhere in our home.

I am sure that Tony and I drove you crazy with the many changes we wanted along the way but you always accommodated us and maintained your friendly and good humoured approach. Everything in our home was created under Ari’s watchful eye.Ari you were always there checking everyone’s work and overseeing every last detail. Nothing escaped un noticed when work was being done and you ensured you got the best out of everyone and for that we are so grateful.

I have told our loved ones that it was like having family build our home.That is the best way I can express the level of trust and respect I have for you both. I believe that. Building is more than just a job for you both and that you put your utmost into every hour of every day you worked here. There was nothing you couldn’t do-even when the carpenters found not one but two snakes in our roof and bathroom Ari you found someone who handles snakes to remove our slippery friend and find him a good home.Now find me a builder with those sort of contacts and who would go that extent to create a great outcome. And that is only one of many examples I could give to the level of detail you both gave to every aspect of the building of our home. You and your families should be very proud of this wonderful family business.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I have raved about Tes Homes to everyone I know and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know(not that you need any more work I am sure). When people ask was building a new house stressful I always say no it has been exciting and fun for us but probably a headache for you both especially responding patiently to Tony’s endless questions and emails. Sorry about that.

Once we have sorted out our garden work you must come over for that cup of coffee and see the way we are living in and enjoying the wonderful home you built for us and our son Lucas.

Again thank you and please feel free to forward this endorsement to anyone you like and please thank all your amazing trades. We wish you and your families all the very best and Look forward to catching up soon.

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