Richard & Sharon Belmore

Everybody has heard of the many difficult challenges, problems and unexpected expense involved in building or renovating a home. My wife and I were therefore very careful about choosing which builder was going to build our home. Choosing the right builder is obviously critical in achieving a successful project. We did our research and came across Tes Homes and right from the beginning, we both knew that Taner and Ari were going to do a great job in delivering us a quality home.

Taner and Ari were very easy and comfortable to discuss any ideas, issues, problems and solutions with throughout the project. The communication from the Tes Homes team was excellent and we were always clear about all aspects about the process from beginning to end.

The most impressive aspect of how Tes Homes handled our project was that neither Taner or Ari compromise on Quality whether it be workmanship or building materials or fixtures or fittings.

Tes homes had the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to offer options and to solve unexpected problems when they arose and to ensure the finished product was of the highest Quality that met our expectations.

We are very happy in our new home and we are very glad that Tes homes was around to build it for us. We would strongly recommend Tes Homes for anyone wanting to build a Quality home with highly Professional Builders.

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