Con & Joanna Kouzoukas

Congratulations on embarking on the decision to build. The biggest challenge following this decision is choosing the right builder. This choice is arguably the most important as it will affect all aspects of your project.

We recently built our dream home using TES Homes. Anyone who has built or even renovated will know what a headache it can be, but working with Taner and Ari made the whole process a lot easier. They were there for us through the whole process step by step and helped us with every little detail.

We have the utmost respect for both Taner and Ari. They put up with our craziness and were very patient with us. They made us feel very comfortable and spent the time discussing the various options available on every aspect of the project. They have an indepth knowledge in building homes and we were able to utilise their many years of expertise in our project. One key issue we were wary of (from talking with other people who built homes) was the blow-out in costs. Taner was always very clear on costs which meant that we had no nasty surprises.

We are so happy with our dream home and are very thankful we built it with TES Homes.

We would be happy to discuss our project with you and answer any questions you may have. Taner has our contact details.

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