I decided to do a knockdown rebuild and was confused about who to go with & who to trust. So I interview 7 different builders.
Out of the 7, I met Taner and his father Ari from Tes Homes.

My first impression was that they were open and honest, they listened to what I wanted and shared insights to provide me with the right advice.

I had all 7 builders provide me a quote, and Tes Homes was the only Builder that had provided me with a quote that had captured everything that I wanted.

This showed me that they truly listened and understand what I wanted and they cared about getting it right.

Other builders would give me a rough quote and when I ask questions I would find that there is additional costs not quoted.

During the build Taner kept me informed with everything that was happening, he would always call me to confirm and double check, especially when it came to specific features.

He would come out and meet me at the site when it suited me and would always be happy to explain and clarify.

The trades they use are very experienced and that have been working with them for years. Taner would always ensure that I was happy before proceeding.

I was very fortunate to have such a great builder who took the time to understand what I wanted and he always delivered on his promises.

He made it so easy for me and he would always find a solution to make it work.


Thank you so much for a great home and an awesome experience!

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